Lancing- Boundstone Communtiy College

South East

Looking in the **** ridden town of Lancing, you couldn’t think of any form of haven, and, minus the northern part, which I hear those ***** have sometimes managed to break into, there is nowhere safe. But, after many scientific and geological surveys, their main hunting ground has been found to be the college, a community college to be exact. With over a thousand pupils the ***** number at least nine hundred of them, covering the canteen with their lack of fashion, contaminating the food that hasn’t been nicked by them already. Graffiti marks the toilets, the girl-***** having already blackened the once white walls with their inane smoke habits, scaring the younger ones that havent yet become a ****, but probably soon will. The large desolate grounds are thriving with these pests and just won’t leave. A surprising moment happened when, last Friday, I walked down the normally **** covered streets to find it deserted, but, coming close to the college I found out why, these thugish *******, for most are related to each other in more ways than people have fingers, had entered the school, wearing their burberry clothing, shining out to the world with their giant gold chains and hoops and even walking a dog. During the days teachers go insane, last month there were fourteen supply teachers, in one day. The only hope seems to be the sixth form, where teachers battle bravely to boot out these creature, sending them back to the streets they came from.

If you wish to see images of this place, in the best light the school board can get, then visit it’s website, and decide for yourself…

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