Kingswood, Hull


I’m not here to say Kingswood is a **** hovel, because it isn’t. I’m here to say what a nice place it is, the houses are built to a good standard. The pathways are relatively clean (paths are never going to be spotless are they? ). The people who live there, including myself, are well educated hard working people ( the ***** don’t live here as the dole amount won’t cover the price to even rent on kingswood) the school , Kingswood college of arts (which is unfortunately on branshome (i’ll get to that in a min)) is still a hell of a lot better than winifred holtby. The shopping and lesuire area of kingswood is also better than anywhere else in the hell hole hole of hull. The only problem is, its located right next to bransholme(one of the uk’s largest council/**** estates) and is near to orchard park (hulls crackhead smack head hovel) the **** from these estates scuttle over here to kingswood. the adults in the day so they can wander around asda and dream tha one day they will get a bonus in their dole that will allow them to buy a packe of crips from there…and to look at all the good people of kingswood and think “i’ll smash their e’d in one day …think the’re be”er th’n uz doo th’y? ” (well sorry to say, mekenzie lee burberry piss head, but…..we are better than you) then on the night the little toe rags and spaw of the adults mentioned above scurry over to “ave eh ni’ht owt wiv th’ ladz” …on the swings in the local parks.
You see…the problem with kingswood isn’t kingswood itself… the fact that its located inbetween the **** of the earth……dont you feel sorry for us??
By: I’LL F***ING **** YOU

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