******** of a town on the outskirts of Liverpool. Gangs of ******** hang around the crumby town centre (usual sort of shops – Poundstretcher, PowerHouse, Peacocks, Yes, McDonalds, KFC, Nobles Amusements) smoking pot at all times of day.

Of an evening you can have a headkickingly good time in the local pubs or flirt with lady luck at the Buckingham Bingo!

Phenomenal number of single mums, pushing baby ***** (packs of disposable nappies ******* from buggies). High crime rate – fiddled to reasonable proportions by the Police.

How grim is your Postcode?

EVERYONE wears the Sovereign rings (legal knuckledusters) and the height of apiration is to own the latest Lacoste tracksuit, latest Nokia whatever.

Despite improvements (old Labour Council – which has sickeningly got into bed with Blairite government to get some money to do up moonscape of town centre) – Huyton is grim.

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