Hull – A city under siege

Living in Hull, Yorkshire
Living in Hull, Yorkshire

Hull – A city under siege

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The trouble with Hull (Kingston-upon-Hull) is two-fold. There is a complete anti-education and anti-authority attitude running through the veins of the place AND the place is completely surrounded by council estates. It is like a city under siege.

Let’s see:
East – Bransholme and Preston Road and Greatfield
North – Orchard Park and Bransholme
West – Gipsyville and Boothferry
South – erm the bloody estuary

Teachers cannot teach – it is riot control. And Police Officers cannot Police… they just spend their days running after lowlife toe-rags that go to court and are then awarded more free time to commit crime by the courts because they have enrolled on a plumbing course they will never attend, and have sworn “on their bairns’ lives/graves” to stop smoking crack.

It is the curse of Hull – no discipline, no respect, nothing worth living for. And what is most scary is not the presence of chavs in huge abundance but the presence of many many people that just have nothing between the ears. They have a vacant expression, and barely any skin between their eyes and will stab you as soon as look at you.

Avoid Hull at all costs. Never move to this city: half illegal immigrant, half chav. It is a den of crime and misery. St Stephens is a development of the city centre doomed from the off, to be overpriced by the greedy council and vandalised to a state of ugliness by the mindless inhabitants of this end of the earth city.

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