Hull – A city under siege

Living in Hull, Yorkshire

The trouble with Hull (Kingston-upon-Hull) is two-fold. There is a complete anti-education and anti-authority attitude running through the veins of the place AND the place is completely surrounded by council estates. It is like a city under siege.

Let’s see:
East – Bransholme and Preston Road and Greatfield
North – Orchard Park and Bransholme
West – Gipsyville and Boothferry
South – erm the bloody estuary

Teachers cannot teach – it is riot control. And Police Officers cannot Police… they just spend their days running after ******* toe-rags that go to court and are then awarded more free time to commit crime by the courts because they have enrolled on a plumbing course they will never attend, and have sworn “on their bairns’ lives/graves” to stop smoking crack.

How grim is your Postcode?

It is the curse of Hull – no discipline, no respect, nothing worth living for. And what is most scary is not the presence of ***** in huge abundance but the presence of many many people that just have nothing between the ears. They have a vacant expression, and barely any skin between their eyes and will stab you as soon as look at you.

Avoid Hull at all costs. Never move to this city: half illegal immigrant, half ****. It is a den of crime and misery. St Stephens is a development of the city centre doomed from the off, to be overpriced by the greedy council and vandalised to a state of ugliness by the mindless inhabitants of this end of the earth city.