Grimsby: the name says it all, GRIM-sby, it’s an utter dump

The name says it all. GRIMsby. After suddenly deciding I wanted to go university three weeks before the new education year started. I was left with very limited options. Grimsby was one. So I decided I would move there for a year and then transfer to a different university of my choice. My god what a mistake that was.

I was a happy outgoing person before moving here, but now I’m shadow of my former self. I became terrified of going out except to university (if you can call it that) because of how often I would hear of someone being stabbed or beaten up. The crime rates and the ***** that hang around on the streets hurling abusing at anyone who dares to pass by.

It’s a complete and utter dump. I don’t think I ever saw any council workers who clean the streets. Public bins are either destroyed or overflowing. The bus stops are full of shattered glass and *** burns.

I quickly learnt which places to avoid, one of them being Freeman Street, which I went down maybe 3 times during my year there. I can only describe it as a smackhead’s haven. The only thing that would help this place is to press the reset/nuke button and start again.

The people just do not have any manners or respect for anyone or anything. Thank god I’ve left and I can bet my life on it, I will NEVER go back!

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