North EastYorkshire

Where does one start with “Hull”. Hull is a city that may have “potential”, however the chavs are making sure that it doesn’t.

The one thing i’ve noticed with the chavs around hull is that they have no shame. They just dont seem to get how much of a brainless idiot they are. Let me put it another way, the apes on 2001: A Space Odyssey could out think them.

If you are unfortunate to talk to one of them, and i was, they talk complete codsh1te. For example if you are talking about lexus cars, their response is “its just a poor mans merc”. Number 1, how can a 19k min car be for a poor man ? Number 2, i dont see your merc around you brainless t****r.

Chavs and the assylum seekers, now heres a good one. They moan about them taking the jobs and the women. Ok, the jobs were there before they arrived, chavs are just to stupid to realise that, and the women, if thats what they want good luck to them.

Here’s what in my mind makes hull chav heaven. The two rather large council estates, Bransholme and Orchid Park. Bransholme is europes largest council estate, i shall say no more. Orchid Park sound like a nice place, boy that it isn’t. Full of crack addicts, teenage mums and muggins gallore if you go there.

There is hope for hull, i have noticed that rain does seem to keep the scum off the street, however when this happens stay clear of princess quay, the bus/train station and weatherspoon pubs.

If you want to see chavness in all its heavenly glory, i suggest a trip to the hull colleges riley centre down analby road where they teach motor mechanics to the chavs. Not one person there wears jeans or trowsers it kappa only dress code. It also scares me that these people could one day be fixing / stealing my car.