Written by Anonymous.

Hoddesdon has become the epitome of Chavmainian sub culture over the last 10 or so years. Each year the town falls more firmly into degradation from this viral infectious ignorance, that is Chav culture.

Chavs in Hoddesdon prefer to hang outside the typical newsagents that fill every town, the CO-OP and the ever classic place, the town centre. Other chav hang outs are the park.

Chavs in Hoddesdon have reached an unbearable level, myself having experienced alot of problems from this sub species of the human race. The worst part is seeing small children, only 8 or 9 years old spiralling into this bracket of human society. Having had a group of 20 or so children aged 8-15 harass my family and other by “shittin” on my drive and throwing stones at my family and others. Thus, from this i have deduced that this level of Chav culture is at its epitome in Hoddesdon.

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