Great Baddow

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Great Baddow is to be found within the confines of Chelmsford. Too close to avoid being consumed by a giant housing estate, containing some of the chaviest ***** you would (not) wish to come into contact with.
The ‘centre’ of Baddow is the lovely ‘Vineyards’ shopping ‘centre’. This was constructed in the 1960’s and is an example of that decades’ ‘Blitzkreig’ style of architecture. A few years ago the council, as it’s they who the place belongs to, decided to try and improve this **** strewn eyesore by putting pitched roofs on each of the blocks of flats, also they attempted to reduce the mind numbing horror that looks especially bleak during the usual endless British winters, by recladding the whole edifice.
Limited success, but at least they tried.
All this, as usual is lost on the hyper self absorbed **** population.
Only the other week I witnessed the standard group of missing link knuckle draggers attempting to remove the new cladding with a football, despite there being a playing field within walking distance, the OAP’s (who seem to make up the remainder of the local population) were duly the victims of this activity.
Bus shelters? Forget it. These last about 5 minutes, so why the council bother re glazing them I don’t know.
The ***** like to hang around the shopping precinct, as with all *****, I won’t bother describing them as there’s no need to.
However, these ***** are hardened by several generations of state subsidised social engineering, and as a consequence are very feral. On Monday morning when the post office hands out their ‘wages’ they look menacingly at the OAP’s who are viewed as involuntary donors to their **** lifestyles….mug one and there you have your new Sky subscription sorted for next year.
Why, there’s even a Wilkinsons style cheap **** shop to spend all their ‘hard earned’ wonga on.
These ***** probably long to get a transfer to nearby Basildon, the bright lights of Baz Vegas beckon them like a call to arms, a moot, a gathering of the clans. But their cockney meets carrot cruncher hybrid is more suited to the wonderful town of Braintree, a sort of Chelmsford without the glamour.
Please avoid coming here, it’s for your own benefit…wot? who said ‘benefits’??? Must be Monday morning.

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