Grays – The East End Except Downmarket

Having recently had the misfortune to stay in this mother of all **** holes, it comes highly recommended for anyone wanting to experience and enjoy the **** sub-culture.
Grays is only a stone’s throw (literally for many of its residents) from the new Lakeside shopping centre where doubtless many of the undesirable Grays residents are banned for attiring in **** uniform and therefore gravitate towards the last remaining shopping refuge in the area, Grays itself. Grays ‘town centre’ (and I use the phrase advisedly) is therefore overrun with the mutant **** creature, particularly evident in the high street and railway station where a disproportionate number of pram-wheeling teenage mothers and pubescent males regaling in cheap sportswear can be seen to congregate. All in all not a pleasant site.
Obviously the presence of the Lakeside development has enticed all human life form to its environs leaving Grays with what’s left of the remaining local population but which has resulted in the death of the town as an enjoyable and realistic shopping alternative.
The only conclusion that can be therefore drawn is that if a town called ‘****’ exists in Eastern Europe or beyond, Grays should immediately be twinned with it.

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