Written by Anonymous. Posted in Scotland

I’ve only just registered and found the Glasgow stories to be both funy and disturbing. I was amazed however to discover absolutely no mention of Govan! Govan is surely the most ned infested area on the planet. I had the misfortune of living there for 3 years and let me tell you, it made me appreciate my life so much more when I got out of there. Govan should be a nice wee area. It’s great for transport and had it not been for the ned, I’d have been happy there. The neds in Govan are the most fearsome in Glasgow. They travel in packs shouting abuse to anyone who they deem weaker than them (now considering they’re in a pack that means everyone) and quite often following through with a good kicking. They can be found in the Govan Cross shopping centre which I like to call the mall of lost hope. The only shops to be found in here are the co-op (mostly avoided because it’s "too dear") pound shops, an optician, the all important POST OFFICE (giro friendly) and there’s a Farmfoods outside. Next to the centre, we have the job centre. Watch as the neds shake hands with the security guards (they know them intimately through years of having their fortnightly blether with them) and pass the time of day just hanging around the outside of the building. It amazes me why their giros are not taken off them, it’s obvious they’re not looking for work, they stand outside the building all day! Neds here do not fear the police, they consider a conviction to be a badge of honour and will regale their friends with tales of their many arrests, puffing out their chests with pride as they reveal their stab wounds. I was unfortunate enough to live in a little tenement building and the neds would sit on the close stairs to smoke, drink, socialize and err relieve themselves! Every morning I’d walk out to buckets left on the stairs, excrement, crisp packets, broken glass, spittle etc. The police never ever came out when I called them, they’d appear 4 hours later after they’d left. The police were even scared. Govan does have some nice people but I think the whole area should be napalmed!

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