Garstang – Had enough of the modern age?

Living in Garstang, Lancashire

Had enough of the modern age? Would you like to return to English traditions? If you also want to leave the delights of the nearby seaside for the glorious country, look no further!

Garstang boasts views of the Trough of Bowland and there are plenty of choices if you like to drink in the pub (there aren’t even any police, so feel free to attend the local Friday night fight in front of the takeaway). The shops even close early on a Wednesday to stick with tradition, and don’t be surprised if you are greeted “this is a local shop for local people”, we don’t see many visitors here.

This is a place where you will soon discover yourself, there is nothing else to discover following the realisation that without a car, you really are stuck here. Don’t worry though, as long as you are a middle class commuter you’ll be fine. Move here, you’ll be enjoying the tractor pull in no time.

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