Bolton is a dump

Bolton itself is a dump.

The best businesses are leaving or have left. Pound shops and cheap takeaways are everywhere. Some of the takeaways have reached the lofty heights of ONE star for hygiene.

The usual benefits ********** are to be found pushing expensive prams while speaking their own language, which could be one of sixty and changing baby’s nappy on a nice bench then throwing the old one on the floor and walking away. I won’t mention the colour or I’d be called a racist. [and that’s about as far as you can go on here -admin]

Late at night or early morning any person on their own is [allegedly] asking for **** or violent attack and there have been plenty over the years and more than one fatal.

Of course for amusement, you could always find a convenient prossie from the infamous Shiffnall Street area, if you’re not fussy about infectious diseases. For extra fun, you can drive up Derby Street, if you’re good at dodgems (you’ll need to be) and sample the delights that uninsured drivers can give.

The same area is handy for your drug addiction. Whatever it is, you’ll find it there. I’m glad I live 3 miles out away from that sh*thole!

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