the fight for working class none *****

Greater Manchester

I am a working class ‘****’. Not by choice mind you but by circumstance. I feel that people use the word **** so disgustingly and demonize the working class along with the reprebates of society. My town in bury is a **** town because the people who live here have no job aspiration and have been brought up in a world with movies, music and role models all premote violence drugs bad behaviour and bad slang. i have read books that the goverment and middle class people dnt understand working class because they are so far removed from life on a council estates and what really go’s on. every day is a battle to fight predjuces, racism, i my self being a minority mixed race, being regected day after day from jobs, having little jobs availible, having to contend with the rowdy next door neighboor and his 6 children, being stuck in a system that continuously puts barriers up that says they can help but changes tack ticks when new goverments take over. there are innoncent people being demonized because of thugish behaviour amoung the wicked none conformist. and its wrong. i believe that education is the key to solving this epidemic of so called *****, both middle class and working class need to be educated on each other before throwing stones. those in glass houses. because wen things change again and it will policies will benifit different people and its not fair. obviously those who work hard and succeed to aspirer to greatness should reward themselves but should have empthy for those who struggle those who cant but want to. bring back the death penalty i say make the wicked pay for crimes on our country but dnt degrade the triers. love thy neighbour. what is money when you don’t love your fellow human. money is a trading tool you cant buy love with it. what ever happened to community? maybe we should look around us and ask the question what went wrong? how can we fix it if not for us for our children and thier children. education is the key. u pump education into these sorts of enviroments and you will get your rewards. listening to others helping were you can being a nice person is so much better then being someone who hates for class distiction

By: becky

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