Living in Edinburgh
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Lothian, Scotland

While the city centre of Edinburgh is OKish the surrounding areas are just awful. Mind you having lived bang in the city centre for a while in a flat made into bedsits full of drunks who broke the door off of the toilet / bathroom I wouldn’t want to live there ever again. There was a lot of violence. My (Irish) ex-boyfriend and I went in a pub in Edinburgh where they really hated English people and we were threatened, “asked” to leave the pub and the barman / landlord ignored us when we asked for a drink.

I also lived on the Gorebridge estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh for a while and my god that was rough. There was a crappy little supermarket and two pubs nearby and that was about it. We weren’t really welcome there either. We lived in caravans and the bus driver asked if we lived “on the gypsy site” and we were silly enough to say yes and he refused to let us on the bus. This happened twice. So obviously the bus drivers had connived together to try and drive us out of the area.

There were a lot of drugs in the areas around Edinburgh when I lived there. The film Trainspotting has it spot on. Actually I love Irvine Welsh and understand all of his writing after living in Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland for two and a half years altogether (He wrote Trainspotting). I also lived in a few other Scottish places but Edinburgh was the one that stands out in my memory. Me and the ex-other half also went to another hellhole further north and we booked a room only to be asked to leave because we were English and the landlady couldn’t guarantee our safety. Apparently the other residents had complained about us being foreign i.e. English.

One of the nicer Scottish places I spent time in was the countryside right beside a loch. It was stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately after a while boredom set in and I wanted to be nearer to shops and pubs. I don’t know if I’ll ever visit Scotland again, if I do then Glasgow will be where I’m headed and this time it’ll be three days in a nice hotel.

  • Jim Jam

    It may be true that wherever you go in Scotland there will be a few occasional cretins who hate the English (admittedly the number has substantially increased now that the SNP have spent several years stoking the nationalist fires and trying to cause division within the UK). However, The city center and other touristy parts of Edinburgh are highly unlikely to contain huge numbers of them, mainly because Edinburgh probably has the highest density of middle class English people living in it than any other part of Scotland. Of course if you are stupid enough to venture out into some of the outlying estates such as the delightful Pilton or Wester Hailes then you are highly likely to be hated, but don’t assume that is because you are “nae fae aroon here pal” point of fact is they hate each other and themselves just as much as they hate outsiders, you only have to take a look around such places to see the degree of self-loathing proudly displayed by the spray-painted walls, copious litter and dog sh*t and old sofas and mattresses carfully arranged in gardens as avant garde public art installations, even outwith the August art festival period.

    I suspect that the true reason that the author of the above article was so hated is that she and her boyfriend were clearly a couple of c***s and that’d wind up anybody.

    If you think Glasgow will be better then you may get a surprise; you’ll have to pick your hotel carefully, I would reccomend one in the astoundingly beautiful and comsmopolitan Possil area, they are likely to be much more welcoming to visitors from exotic lands.