Broxburn is now an almost desolate shanty town

Living in Broxburn, Scotland

Broxburn is a **** town situated in the largely unknown county of West Lothian in Scotland. Broxburn is a has-been town, once famous for churning out millions at the local sausage factory. It is now an almost desolate shanty town. The town features an impressive array of pubs, freezerland affairs, take-aways, bookmakers and budget supermarkets. Its economy is now mainly funded by the tax-payer, on account of the local sausage factory closing.

Residents refer to the town as “Thi Broaxsh”, which is Scots for ‘The Brox. Place names are kept relatively simple, as are the names of local businesses. Things to do in Broxburn include nightclubbing at “the Club” which is close to “the Street” (the name allocated to any street with a shop on it).

There are plenty of activities for local youths to partake in, such as urinating in Broxburn Swimming Pool, cycling/biking up and down a disused shale hill, getting drunk on cheap beer from the local discount supermarket. Indeed, to the average **** – Broxburn is the place to be.

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