Edgware – Council Estate Chavies


Well now, I came across this website  and just had to add Edgware, unless it has already been put in.

I, unfortunatly, live in Council Accomodation (get a c**v to spell this ha ha), and have to put up with a load of chavvy loud mouthed oiky sod neighbours.

We have two neighbours in particular who are just bloody awful.  One of them is a woman of about 55 – though she looks nearly 80, she is a haggard, drunken sot, who has a Staffy terrier and dresses like carrion dressed like lamb ( I would say mutton, but she’s past that level).

She’s a nasty piece of work. My father and I used to be on good terms with her.  We helped box in her bathroom pipes, made her loaves of bread, took her dog (and previous dogs) to the PDSA when they were ill, helped cover her daughters car window when her car was burgled and gave her a shoulder to cry on when her daughter then left her.

The nastiness started when the car was taken for crushing during a council blitz on un-taxed cars about 3 years ago.  She blamed us for this, and even though she has been told by the Housing Officer, the Police and other neigbours we had nothing to do with it, she still believes it was us.  She is constantly outside drinking with the other neighbour I will tell you about.  Her grandson is about 6 – 7 years old and has a tattoo on the back of his neck and shoulders already.  She’s constantly F’ing and C’ing etc outside, and drinks until she’s swaying.  She has actually admitted herself to Edgware Hospitals Mental department – i.e. self sectioned herself.

She also hates us because we are Jewish.  I have no beef with anyone, be they Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc etc..  But she is probably the only person I would call an “F’ing Irish C**t”, as she has routinly called my father and myself “F’ing Jewish B’s/C**ts/W****rs”, when she is very drunk (say after 2 or 3 bottles of wine).  Over the last three years she has threatened my father (who is a dying man – he had a triple bybass 9 years ago and two of them have blocked up = a dodgy ticker).  He doesn’t need the stress, and neither do I.

2 months ago, following on from 300 complaints from neighbours about her pooch, and a couple of complaints about her dog peeing on my motorcycle (Yamaha Virago 535), she has flipped repeatedly, and assaulted my father after a heated exchange of vulgar volcubluary.  She called my dad an “F’ing Yid” twice, which we have on tape.  I phoned the police, and when they came an hour later, believed her and her friend (the other neighbour), and arrested my father for ABH and threats to kill.  You can hear her on the tape clearly saying “I’ll f***ing kill you you c**t” etc, and the Police and the Crown Prosecution service have dropped the case, after 2 months.  My dad had been placed on bale for this, and this goes to show that the Police are inept, incompetant and will believe any sh*t story told by women, especially chavsters who had an hour to get their story straight.

She wasn’t arrested for ABH or GBH, even though my dad had nearly been blinded when she punched him in the face, and the spring on his glasses arms went into the skin by his eye.  He also had a bleeding face and scalp, and a huge bloody bruise on his right shoulder.  She had told Police that he had assaulted her, but he could not because 1) The pressure to do so would kill him (his heart couldn’t cope with the demand of blood) and 2) 5 days earlier he had feinted in Ldls and badly hurt his left arm (he is left handed – and you automatically use your writing arm to punch something).

The other neighbour ranks a 10 out of 10 for chaviness.  Scraped back hair – 2 kids with 2 different dads, drung dealing, bling, mobile phone, loud swearly mouth – the list goes on.

All you hear during the summer months is the 1st neighbour, her grandson and this slut and her kids making noise and swearing all day long.  The drink, swear and play footy where they aren’t supposed to.  When she wants her kids in she’ll go outside and scream for them at the top of her voice (she DOESN’T need a Megaphone :S )  Also, she loves to swear ( I swear a lot, because I can’t help myself, but I try to make sure I don’t outside, because indoors doesn’t matter – no one can hear you) and she especially likes to swear at her kids.  When they swear though they get told not to “F’ing swear”.

She’s a loud mouthed bitch, and we are trying to get her moved of the estate, along with numerous neighbours who agree with us.  She’s a trouble maker.

She started on us a few months back, when her kids were playing pirates outside.  One of them hit my dad on the elbow with their plastic sword, and my dad said “Ow, that hurt, don’t do that again”  about 10 minutes later she comes roaring out the house screaming at us about “What you F’ing don to my kid?  He ran upstairs cryin and F’ing wet iz F’ing bed”.  Since then we have had her bad mouth us to all her chavvy friends around the estate.  People believe her for some reason! Possibly because if she looked decent she would be a nice bit of totty.

They have both accused us of being Paedophiles, becuase we took some pictures of (now ex-neighbours) kids on our motorcycles, fully clothed + wearing our crash helmets and their parents present in the pictures with them etc… Apparently we “perv” over the pictures – yeah and I’m a skinny bloke (sarcasm).  These people disgust me, but this neighbour now has a big following of kids from our block hanging around her.  Last week was funny, when her boyfriend was bringing her a new (more like nicked) oven.  He had a mate with him, and we came out to go for a meal, and the guy looked at us, turned to his mate and said “Lock the Van mate, undesirables” – what a chutzpah, the cheecky good for nothing sod!  They dislike us because we are middle class, and they think we have money.  They think this because my dad has a car and a motorcycle, and I have a motorcycle.  The car is a motobility one, and so my dad doesn’t own it.  Also, I had to take out a big loan to get my bike and insure it, because it isn’t garaged or imobilised, it costs a fortune to insure (thieves beware – I will protect my bike and we are both good shots with pellet guns). But this is none of their business, but they have still passed a value judgement on us.

We have also had the tyres slashed on our car twice in the space of a week, and when I caught the suspect out (because the idiot used a screwdriver on a new tyre it made a loud hissing sound) it turned out to be her cousin, who lives in the next block.  The Police didn’t want to know, and wouldn’t come to interview her or her cousin.  We have had our windows egged.  Our cat has been terrified by them so badly she won’t even eat downstairs, and now won’t go out unless we are both out with her.  We have to wait till nearly 12 midnight before we can take her out.  She also now has a puppy, which looks like it’ll be a big breed.

It is all typical of todays “modern” society where children aren’t allowed to be chastised, and parents don’t care where their kids are as long as they aren’t indoors.  If she had been spanked she might have learnt some respect.  All she has is “no repec” for anyone.

All I’ll say is is that if anyone reads this who can influence the government (or knows someone who can) please get them to give the Council tougher laws on evicted s**m like this – because that is all that is stopping our Council from booting these sods out.

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