Dudley – A major hole

OK. I live just outside Dudley, and there are plenty of *****, which i wish [in my imagination only] i could pick off with a rifle or magnum of some kind. They are there thinking they’re hard, smoking and graffitiing the walls, in their matching clothes.

Me and my brother were walking past a group of around 20 of um (no exaggeration) we were not interfering in any way, but one little ****, bout 9 or 10, takes it on himself, to start questioning us, and to generally be a ‘badass’. When we ignore him, he runs after us, and starts shouting abuse.  My brother tells him to piss off now or sumat bad would happen.

He runs off and tells his parents! who then come out and start ****** and blinding, stating that their little child doesn’t deserve this etc.  At this point we are just annoyed and show the little craps parents, who their little angel has been ******* around with, at which he gets a smack up the ****, and everyone is laughing at him, oooohh Happy days!

How grim is your Postcode?