Brierley Hill, if you’ve been there once, you’ll never want to go back

Breirley hill is the **** central of the west midlands. Once you have been there once, you will not wish to go there again.

Firstly there are the Brierley hill flats which are full of drug addicts aged 16-24, and single mothers who are claiming so many benefits the HMRC are almost bankrupt. Then there is the high street it self, with the concorde market where the ***** dress, megabowl, poundland, and the keenfryer a chip shop where many a drunken **** can be seen going in and playing their mouth. The best thing to do, is to not look at the ***** because they will start on you randomly, then follow you shouting abuse, and finally try to ‘jack’ your stuff.

The **** males are like clones, all in tracksuits by Nike, Timberland or Lacoste, all available from the local markets. You could choke on the amount of fake goods there are around there. All of the boys wear caps, unless they ‘dress up’ and do there hair for a change. The girls wear huge wheels in there ears, aka toilet seats, and large gold belcher chains which there parents scrimped and saved for (or robbed more likely). Tight jeans which look as though they have been pained on, and their hair scraped back tight to their head. Their days are spent being mouthy and threatening people they are related to and so on. (every one is ‘hard’ or ‘solid’ in Breiley Hill and it seems they are all related to the same people, also known as incest) If you see a **** in the street and you are with someone from the local area, it is almost guaranteed that they are a **** lovely travelling person or there brother’s got a ‘gat’.

As you may think i seem to know a lot on the situation but when you have lived there for over 5 years yo pick on on the **** ways. oh and by the way be careful for bonfire nights because you may have fireworks propelled at you, and be careful at xmas because it is almost guaranteed that your decorations will get robbed or be kicked over at some point. Just be careful basically……..