North East

Luckely I managed to escape this hell hole before Charverism took me down, I was brought up here and lived here up untill my escape in 1999, overlooked by the steel works of British Steel (now corus) and the chemical works of I.C.I (now Huntsman). My usual get up was the usual, adidas trackies, reebok trainers, the ‘gold’ bling including the ‘sov’s’ on the fingers!, the white scrunchy in the hair.
We spent most our evening sat outside the ‘aisan’ owned corner shop drinking white lightening and smoking blow (both supplyed to us under age by the local man in the shop) as we got a bit older (bout 15) we descovered the joy of bunking off school and getting into stolen cars with the local lads, I luckely escaped a jail sentance at the age of 17 when I was found driving a car with no tax, test or insurance. By the age of 19 I was starting to panic at the amount of trouble I was getting into. I took it upon myself to get the hell out of there before I went the whole way and was popping out charver kids with names like Chardaneey and Bradley, living in a council house in the top end of Dormanstown ‘affectionatly known as the bronx by the local police’ with cars and there parts strewn round the garden, and writing to my ‘lad’ who would probley be serving 2 years at Holme House Prison for TWOC and numerous other driving offences, while I sat at home writing him 14 pages of filth so he could have something to read while playing with himself.
Dont get me wrong I enjoyed my youth, Im 24 now and am enjoying adulthood even more, I do go to Dormanstown quite a bit to visit my mum who still lives there (and recently has an air gun fired at her living room window) and its nice to see all the girls I used to knock about with still wearing the same old ****, and still looking like **** (heroin is a bit part of there life) its nice to catch up on who’s sleeping with who and how many kids each one has knocked out, I tell you in a few years when the kids have grow up and dont relize who there dads are the town is going turn into something out of Deliverance with all the ******* kids. They all still live in council houses and all still hate the police, and alot of the lads are still serving time for twoc, not a lot changes I suppose. It is nice to tell everyone that there is escape, I live in a bought house in a new village, I work full time and make quite a bit of money, I shop at places like Psyche, Republic and USC, and never wear fake names, my ‘bling’ is understated, my partner has a good job and a nice car and we can afford to eat a nice places, although I still like a ‘****’ parmo after a night out lol.

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