Chertsey, a small, quiet town, nice areas do exist, and some areas are quite up market BUT….behind every corner, in every crevise, lurks a bad taste, a bad odour, something unpleasant and frightening. Behold, the chertsey massive; spreading like fatal disease, an infection multiplying at tremendous rates.
After dark they come out and lurk at the Station. Sainsburys isnt safe either! They torment the old and young alike.

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Chertsey, what to say about chertsey? From afar it seems almost like an ordinary town, its even got a museum, new leisure centre to try and vamp it up a bit. It also has a newly refurbished library but thats only cause the local ****’s burnt the last one virtually to the ground.

1 third of chertsey is ***** **** another is full of ****’s and ********* and the remaining minority are pretty decent folk. **** central has to cowley ave est behind Gogmore farm park. This park is where they used to congregate until the main alleyway was made inaccessable to the high st to stop the locals sniffing glue, jacking up and ******** all over the kiddies play area.

Now they appear to be centralising around the local one stop begging like low life’s and generally being turned away after trying to purchase cigarettes and alcohol, (the alcohol being the usual brands of the cheapest larger for the usual tracksiut and baseball cap wearing **** lads and of cause the weakest wine called Lambrini for the teen,oversized hooped gold earring wearing chavvettes, if not purchased then all nicked from the formentioned shop)

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Then once they have scarpered with the booze, they drink not a great deal of it as they are wasted after one or two.

After that they all comune at the new place of drug taking, vomiting and vandalism which is abbeyfields recreation grounds where they seem to invite every other **** and ******** from every other town and borough. They then sit in this play area until early hours.

Occasionally these normally nocternal animals can be seen fighting when the park keeper is trying to kick them out of the park during day light hours, when small children are being intimidated by these tanked up half wits !

Top 50 worst places to live in England 2022 as voted for by you