I used to think this place was nice, when a small child. But there is a truely terrible gap between the rich and poor, a problem that never gets solved. While there are areas that stick their nose up in the air, there are others where the flat blocks look awful, and the schools dont give a good education, namely Hesters way and st pauls. My mother also once did a piece of artwork about the souless rows of bungalows that congregate in Swindon ‘Village’, the outskirts are the worst bit, and a great big store like Asda, which has just been built gives it no favours. It also has quite a limited amount of good attractions, but if you do like racecources, which I just find dull, then move here. If you want to live in a place with a proper landmark that you can just look at and recognise, dont live here. Thye town centre also teemes with drunks on a Saturday night, not very safe. My dad was once an artist in this place, and had his artwork stolen by yobs, he was punched in the jaw when trying to get them back.

By: Smith

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