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Barry…..its hard living there…About a week ago me and my freind were walking through Gibinsdown (not my teritory) to get to his house we were walking and across the street and there was a bunch of boys huddled around shouting. Me and my freind ran over to see what was going on.
There was about five boys who had a Mosher on the ground just simply kicking him. One of the boys that was beating on this kid was a kid who basiclly ruled Gibinsdown (but luckily I knew him) my freind asked him why are you doing that for and he simply said ” LOOK, HE’S A MOSHER!”
After saying that he simply got the moshers head placed on the curb and lifted his foot and stamped on him twice. The five boys who were beating the kid just stopped. Then the kid that stomped on his head ( the one that runs Gibbinsdown for his age) just said to me and my mate ” I’ll see you later boys…” The gang just walked off and left the batterd boy on the side of the street.
Me and my freind just stood there looked down and noticed there was a huge gash on his head, and he obviously broke his nose. We just walked away and carried on are life pretending we never saw what we saw.

Thats when it hit me…..people were going to war every day on the streets for what? For the music they listened to..the clothes they had.
Im just a teenager, living in Barry witnesing every thing that goes on, and every day i ask myself what for…?

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