Barry… not recommended for holidays

You could call this place a sh*t town most people just call it a ghetto…..All the comments I have read on this site have been about how rough their town is ….and how many ***** are in their town. Barry has a variety of people….Blacks, Whites, Asians…Then there are your moshers, goths, townies,***** etc…

I’m sure your town has the same……When you think of Wales I bet you think of hills and sheep and the seaside. Wrong! Don’t think that……I live in South Wales….The most SOCIALLY DEPRIVED PLACE IN WALES they call it. In the back streets and the grimy areas around Barry, poverty crawls, gang violence erupts, murders occur, **** is witnessed….Crime is an every day thing.

For some readers this is the first time you have ever heard of BARRY because it is never talked about on the news,it is never mentioned,the only time we are mentioned is when Cardiff is mentioned. Readers don’t be naive…Open your eyes you are not the only people who are struggling….I don’t know much about the the rest of Wales but what I do know is the DEEP SOUTH is not a good place for holidays.

If you ever visit Barry for some particular reason ….go through the streets…..go to Colcot (an area in Barry) see how long you last. Then take a walk down to Gibinsdown, try Cadoxton and Downtown ( where I live) go to all them areas in Barry and see the gangs, see the stare they give you , but I recommend you don’t look at them in the eye……AAB (All Around Barry) is a local crew, weekly they have gang wars with rival gangs ATM (All About the Money). There are gangs in Barry that do things you wouldn’t believe. If I get enough reads from this write up I will tell all that I have seen living where I live. They will be funny,but also sick. They will make you wonder how lucky some of you are. And for all those who got out of their towns and moved on I hope I can do the same…..

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