Cardiff – the places that have been forgotten

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You could add Whitchurch to this string of lovely suburbs in Cardiff, more particularly Forest Farm by Mcdonalds/Asda car park. It is a mecca for North Cardiff ****’s, racing about in mark 1 fiesta’s etc, smoking L & B while doing skids about the car park.
Later on in the night or in the day when Asda car park is being used for its proper purpose the ****’s can be found in the three elms or various pubs in Whitchurch village, often accompanied by 3rd generation ****’s and **** friends who may have come over from ‘Balfa’ (Gabalfa)

Also to be added is Cardiff bay by Evolution – surely this is **** capital of Cardiff?. This is where they have those car meetings……can’t remember what they are called….let’s all bring our **** cars down and drive around yet another car park, or hold our cars down while someone is holding down the accelerator until black smoke pours from the back of the car and the tyres are bald. A trip into evolution on the weekend (am not actually sure if it is still open) and you will see lots of white lyrca, knee high boots bought from Baretts, gold earrings (from Argos), and huge amounts of bacardi breezers being drunk.

Llanishen is also a mini-**** town, with many rows of ‘the shops’ to hang about by. Lots more car parks to drive about in.

I was fortunate enough to go the Whitchurch high school for 7 years, this is home and training ground of young *****. Many of them got expelled from school and would come and hang about outside the gates or in the carpark across the road to wait for their mates to finish school. Sometimes the ********* who had got themselves up the duff (I am sure sometimes actually in the car park across the road) would come and wait with their prams for their mates to finish school.

And last but not least let’s not forget Cardiff **** lingo…’I loves him I does’

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