Living in Cardiff/Caerdydd

Cardiff is definitely the chav centre of wales. They live in many areas such as Ely, Fairwater, Bute Town, Grangetown, St. Mellons and Riverside.

It is virtually impossible to drive around the city and NOT spot groups of Chavs with their Barried up cars ‘jammin’ with their ‘bro’s’, ‘homies’ and ‘hoe’ chavettes. These barried up cars usually have no tax, insurance or MOT as the dole can’t buy these as well as bling, kappa and cider.

Cardiff Chav’s have the upper hand on other countrywide chav’s. They can wear more cheap bling. This is because they have an extra finger and toe to hang things from. Chavettes generally adorn themselves with cheap porn-star Jewellery whilst sporting shite streaked hair (unwashed) and dirty white track suits, normally the fattest chavettes decide to show off their midriff (hurl, puke, splutter) which would give any fat bastard a run for their money.

McDonalds is also a favourite hang-out (any branch around the city) as well as the new Ikea which does cheap everything for the chav’s to kit out their flatetts.

Chav’s in Cardiff usually pass the weekends by attending Cardiff City games where whole banks of imitation Burberry and Stone Island caps can be seen. Hurling abuse at the away fans and police is the main pastime, as football is not the reason for attending.

The lesser spotted chav (a famous child singer) flits to and fro so-called bad boy’s who still live with their parents and talk like they are from down-town manhattan.

Phrases such as “yow Brow”, “Biiig Up”, “floosh ooos a fag Maaaaan” and “i’ll jack you ooop miiish”. Who the hell do they think they are? Don’t they realise that they sound like pricks? Get a Job, loose the bling and tracksuit, learn to speak properly and then maybe, Cardiff can once again be the great city it was.

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