Milton Keynes
(671 crimes in May 2022)
Manor Park, Aylesbury
(476 crimes in May 2022)
Walton, Aylesbury
(457 crimes in May 2022)
Terriers, Wycombe
(401 crimes in May 2022)
(387 crimes in May 2022)
Netherfield, Bletchley
(297 crimes in May 2022)
Totteridge, Wycombe
(290 crimes in May 2022)
Stoke Green, South Bucks
(284 crimes in May 2022)
Farnham Park, South Bucks
(281 crimes in May 2022)
Farnham Royal, South Bucks
(281 crimes in May 2022)

Chesham – The c**tage capital of Buckinghamshire

Chesham; situated somewhere in the **** end of nowhere, yet strangely within the miserable London commuting belt, represents Buckinghamshire’s puss filled boil of middle class suburbia. Priding itself on housing a diverse and multicultural society, comprising all manner of colours, creeds, religions, shapes and sizes, Chesham is perhaps analogous with a box of McVities misshapes. […]

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Chesham – such an idealic town located in the beautiful countryside of Buckinghamshire, prided itself on being voted the counties most beautiful town three years on the trot….now it is the centre of a breeding culture of chavness!! The centre of the ***** lives revolves around one famous fast food outlet…McDs!! they spend their lives […]

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Imagine my delight upon reading the local rag and finding a huge, indignant article about a posting on this website. I am thrilled to find a forum for like minded people, who spend every day in a state of constant amazement at the ever increasing amoeboid mass of **** that slither their way round this […]

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Right, Olney, A little way from Milton Keynes, Central to Bedford, Northampton and the former. Its a lovely little town – quiet, Little England to a tee, and very traditional. However due to its proximity to the above mentioned metropolis’s (and Newport Pagnell) it is becoming overrun with *****, these underage kappa ******** adorn every […]

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Milton Keynes

Our city is full of *****. Not only are they outsmarted by gardening tools they hang out in the strangest places. In MK i estimate that we have no less than 150 underpass’s linking all of the estates together. They are usually full of shopping trolly’s and rubbish, the perfect place for tramps to live […]

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Bletchley/Milton Keynes

The Land That Taste Forgot. The town that claims it’s a city. The thousand roundabouts on the grid road system all offer up hiding holes (by way of the underpass) for the young **** to seek some shelter for the purpose of skinning up or pushing their loved ones around in abandoned shopping trolleys. The […]

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High Wycombe

Nestled in the heart of the quaint greenery of Buckinghamshire’s Chiltern Hills you might expect to find a quaint little village with picket fences, a lush cricket and bowls green and a collection of eccentric but otherwise pleasant locals living in thatched cottages straight from some picture book you were forced to read by your […]

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