BuckinghamshireSouth East

Right, Olney, A little way from Milton Keynes, Central to Bedford, Northampton and the former. Its a lovely little town – quiet, Little England to a tee, and very traditional.

However due to its proximity to the above mentioned metropolis’s (and Newport Pagnell) it is becoming overrun with *****, these underage kappa ******** adorn every nook and cranny of our poor town. They dominate the social venue of the local bus stop, the pavement outside the off licence and the ‘rec’. The filthy degenarates are litter louts and vagabonds at the best of times. At the worst, these ***** definately qualify for painful sterilisation.

Why on Earth do they hang out by the off licence – no one in their right mind would buy these, already imbecilic, juveniles any kind of alcohol unless surely ***** themselves. As for the bus stop, have these people’s recently aquisitioned council houses (seen the advert?) suddenly fallen down – **** OFF HOME!

Please, will someone do something. I suggest the testing of some kind of WMD, this will both benifit the interior and exterior of the country. Preferably, someone will invent a hoodie/Kappa/Nike Air Max selective virus before too long, if anyone does, please reply, i already have your contolled testing lab ready for you!

Help me please control a plague in its early stages.

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