Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in South East

I can’t believe no-one has added Owlsmoor to the list of chav towns before. Having lived in Sandhurst my whole life (Owlsmoor is part of Sandhurst), I believe it’s got to be one of the chavvest places I’ve ever seen.

To set the scene: Owlsmoor was originally built in the 1970s to be a home for people working in towns such as Camberley or Bracknell. Unfortunately, the town was being built whilst a load of gypsies were staying on the site. Hence, as soon as the builders left the chavs moved in and no-one has been able to get them out of their houses since.

The row of shops, which are often covered in graffiti, constantly have a group of chavs outside them, covered in Kappa tracksuits with the trousers tucked into their socks who never fail to ask you to “buy us some fags mate” (this is because they are too young to be able to buy them). When you say no, you are immediately threatened with abuse. Coincidentally, the Council’s ID card is no longer accepted as proof of age at Owlsmoor Balfour’s or Alldays, as chavs have been known to alter them to make them seem older than they actually are.

If you spend more than five minutes in Owlsmoor, you are almost guaranteed to see a “souped-up” Nova/Clio/Astra/Fiesta etc with blaring drum and bass music turned up so loud that it makes you wonder how the driver can concentrate. You then start to think how they’re even driving it since they look to young to even pass their test.

Whilst you’re here don’t forget to check out Snaprails park. Turn up early enough and you’ll see the chavs in their school uniforms (although I don’t ever remember trainers being allowed) smoking cigarettes with their ‘bruvs’, right opposite the secondary school. Alternatively, walk a bit further through the park to the underpass to see the slightly older ones smoking dope (where do they find the money to buy it?) But watch out, many of the chavs lift their motorbikes over the gate and ride them through the park at about 50 mph.

Although I admit there are some nice parts of Owlsmoor, the majority of it is a bit of a dump to say the least. But don’t worry if you get bored; there’s a bus direct to Bracknell every 30 minutes.

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