Reading and environs

Reading has been a breeding ground for ***** and similar ****** peasants for many years. Even in the village I lived in for 19 years on the outskirts, the sportswearing, gold chain loving, gel-slicked, ignorant and smelly species festered.
So, from the west – Tilehurst: a glorious citadel of chavdom. Surrounded on all sides by steep hills – ***** are able to exist without the worry of interference from anyone except the police and, occasionally, wanderers from other areas. This particular breed of **** are extremely gifted at stealing bikes from the station and smashing up cars. Other than that, they congregate either at Rusts, Tilehurst Triangle (complete with greasy KFC) or occasionally spilling down the other side of the hill to mix with the Calcot ***** at Savacentre and Superbowl.
Town Centre: A haven for the burberry-clad insects- Lots of restricted access streets to drive souped up Novas and scooters down. A spacious shopping centre (oracle) complete with JD Sports and McDonalds. Various Wetherspoons where they can occasionally get served alchopops but failing that, a plethora of off-licences and garages to purchase cider from (esp. Davinas at the bottom of Broad St) Lots of opportunities to be loud, aggressive, pathetic and generally offensive.
Moving North to Caversham : Sporting a precinct rivalled only by Abingdon, this once pretty suburb of Reading is now heaving with the little blighters. The shops near Emmer Green are perfect haunts and the kebab van opposite Esso is never short of young, pissed up *****.
Whitley: This particular area has long had a reputation of being less than savoury and it is a reputation well-deserved. One, big, sprawling council estate of VWs, Corsas and scooters. A place of lager, ****, caps and violence (sometimes minor, sometimes serious). You have been warned!
So, if anyone wishes to add any points/stories of interest, feel free. I will destroy them all!!!!!

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