Written by Anonymous.

I’ve lived in Reading for 16 years, lived in 3 different areas and have seen many chavs. many of the chavs i no hang out anywhere where possibe ‘beef’ is, but not where people who actually are harder than them are though. u can tell when chavs arrive when ur out, the mopeds/peds speed up they get of them and you hear lethal bizzle, wiley, kano and many more mc’s pumpin’ out their peds.

They usually have mcdonalds or a bottle of stella and the girls lambrini or a bottle of cider with the label missing which means they stole it from home/a tramp or its actually a bottle of dandilion and burdock.

With the chavs i know burberry is out, i actually only know one person who wears burberry, whats in is tn trainers, tn caps, air max 90’s and for the higher class chav air force 1s, 2s and dunks and if you’re even a higher class chav you would have had them from America. girl chavs where mckenzie, nickelson, camprini, nike and dolly shoes are also in. slick back hair is still being done but straightened or scrunched is also acceptable.

The word used are actually from rough areas of london but have been adopted my white people/words used are seen/skeen, isit??, beef, init/enit, aite/iight/aiight, wagwan/whagwan, ez/eazi/easy/eazy, bare, blup/brap and the most popular word is safe which is heard alot if somebody actually gives up a stella. or a mayfair superking.

They don’t spend alot of time only the ‘hoes’ do to ‘pick up manz’ apparently.

gold is in but surprisingly silver is coming in as you seem less chav if you wear gold, not that it really makes a difference, but i think the real reason is you can actually by more silver for £10 than gold.

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