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Yep, there is no escape in France, because the Eurochav is here. Heading out of Paris on the train toward that beautiful Normandy coastline for example you’ll come along the delightful town of Mantes la Jolie, distinguishable by the latest French art nouveau of torched cars, graffiti ridden walls and stunningly beautiful tower block architecture. This charming place is home to arguably some of the most odious, nasty little Eurochavsters this side of the Channel. This is a place where these vile pinheads mainly of North African descent delight in terrorizing local communities and law abiding citizens, ‘tagging’ trains with glass etchers and effervescent spray paint, setting fire to local schools and public buildings and communicating in “fuckwit” French. Yes, friends, fuckwit is not only a British disease, it is here too.

Being French your average Eurochav likes to shop at home, so for him or her the dress of the day is Lacoste or Coq Sportif, although Von Chav (not French methinks) is starting to have an impression. And the mobile phone will likely be a “Sagem” (French) or an “Alcatel” (also French). And being of North African descent, your average chavster will sport the obligatory wispy moustache whilst his chavette (usually dare I say black) wiill come trowelled in makeup sporting the latest (fake) handbag from Louis Vuitton. The “barryed-up” (for here let’s say Marcelled-up)chavmobile will also be a 15 year old Renault Clio one Controle Technique away from the Feraillier (scrap man), but with all the rest of the usual bolt on bits and coloured lights you find on a British chavmobile….

This part of the world is an area where the filthy chavsters do exactly as they please, using and abusing with total impunity. No ticket enforcement on the trains so they ride for free. Who cares? This is socialist France where like nowhere else in Europe everyone else pays for the underclass. And in these banlieues sensibles (sensitive suburbs), these nastly little Eurochavs breed like flies at the expense of everyone else.

So beware, chavtowns are not only exclusive to Britain. This is a global disease. Broaden your horizons because chav~ism is invading all towns and cities. Do not think that you can escape it here in France, in fact here it is likely worse.

Bon courage my friends. Bienvenue en France 

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