I moved to Edmonton Canada in the year 2000, mainly to find a new life and escape the **** drug culture which had fallen upon my home and taken many of my friends in british columbia. When I got to Edmonton I found that there was way less *****, but during the next few years […]

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Midwest, Wyoming, USA

Hail and Good Morrow from Sagebrushland-the Oil Patch-Moo/Lopie City! After having read some of the postings on this marvelous site, I thought I’d give you folks a comparative upon which to chew-my beloved Sagebrushland, aka, Midwest, Wyoming, USA. I live in the middle of nowhere, moos to the left, antelope to the right, and pumpjacks […]

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Toronto, Canadian *********!

Is nowhere immune from these filthy scrubbers I hear you cry? Not Canada’s largest city that’s for sure! While not yet as pervasive or as hostile as in the UK, Toronto’s ********’s are none the less a highly visable component of Canada’s cultural mosaic. Like their old world counterparts, Canadian ********* posess a similarly bad […]

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***** in Toronto are small in number but none the less visible if you know where to look. They usually live in Pickering, Mississauga and Scarborough (Scarberia). The Canadian **** has all the characteristics of chavness, fake burbery, bling etc and therefore is instantly recognisable. They hang out at the Eaton Centre, where downtown ***** […]

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Warsaw, Poland

I was in Warsaw fr 9 months a few years ago teaching English, and there were ***** there too! In fact , the whole of the east side of this Birmingham sized concrete ******** has been concquered by what normal locals call : the sportswear people. They refer to themselves as “apaches” (sorry native Americans) […]

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Cales (Chaves) De Mallorca

A Balearic oasis for our ******** chums. Foolishly, my good lady & I thought that booking a holiday at the end of September would mean it should be mostly clear of **** families as their demon spawn would have to be back at school. How wrong can you be? Stupidly, we hadn’t researched the area […]

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Wedel, Germany

This is a poxy little town on the outskirts of Hamburg. Despite being within 20 minutes of one of Europe’s most buzzing cities, the local ‘yoof’ seem to get far more pleasure arsing around the train station wearing jeans that just about cover their scrawny bums and attempting to rap (in English). Highly amusing is […]

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Kawagoe city, Saitama, Japan

Most people imagine Japan as a neon-lit industrial complex with a few mountains and temples and lots of martial artists. If you’ve seen ‘Black Rain’ with Michael Douglas, you might be closer to knowing the truth. Japan has its beautiful places, (fast disappearing under concrete and rubbish tips), and its ancient culture, (fast disappearing under […]

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Paris – ***** on the Seine

Oh Mon Dieu. I’ve lived here for nine years now and becoming more and more common than dog-**** on the Paris streets is the French ****. Or ‘jeunes de la cité’ (Kids of the council estates). They are alarmingly similar to their British counterpart. ‘Designer’ track suits tucked into white socks covered by blinding white […]

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