Dublin (northside)

Please note: I am not referring to the many respectable areas of the northside of Dublin, I am refferring to the north city centre and the surrounding inner city areas that plague it.

If you are a tourist visiting Dublin, there are a number of areas in the northside of the city centre you should avoid during the day. The shopping area of Talbot st. is a haven for drug addicts, skangers and general lowlifes. The addicts congregate here to purchase heroin and to get methatdone and other opiate based substances from the clinic. many of the shops in this area are constantly being robbed at gunpoint, or a ‘jumpover’ where a junkie will hop over the counter and brandish a syringe filled with blood at the unfortunate student/foreign immigrant who works there. this happens regularly in this area during the day. DO NOT come here at nighttime, as althought the addicts are generally gone because the clinic is closed, due to the smoking ban large groups of ******** congregate outside pubs to smoke here, and will set upon you for ‘d’buzz’ or as normal people wouuld say, the surge of adrenaline they get for ganging up on an innocent person during their frequent smokes.

If you walk past the vaults nightclub at anytime past 10 o’clock and do not dress in accordance with skanger rules, at best you will be jeered and laughed at. at worst you will end up in an ambulance. DO NOT confront anybody who laughs at you from this nightclub, it is a haven for Dublins brat-pack of young gangsters based around the slums of this area.

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If you are going to the point theatre and decide to head northbound, think again. you will end up in the sherriff st. area. during the heroin epidemic of the 80s this was possibly the worst place in dublin. it has now quietened down, but joyriders and addicts remain while most ‘decent’ people who lived here have moved on to wherever ‘dublin cihy council’ have moved them. there is currently a gang war taking place here, avoid at all costs. if you do find yourself here the only option is to run away as no taxi driver will pick you up.

If you are foreign, it is likely the pyjama clad skangerettes will want to have *** with you anonymously so that they can claim ‘choil’ benefih’ or childrens allowance and get a nice local authority hovel. don’t be tempted as their brothers/fathers/boyfriends or whatever will be only too happy to bottle you in the face, particularly if you are english. the typical dress of these people is white trainers, trackie bottoms tucked into your socks, a cap peaked and worn at 90 degree angle, gold chains, and every one of them must own a celtic or republic of ireland jersey. anyone not doing so is regarded as ‘a fookin proddy’. they will often see themselves as republicans and profess a love of ‘d’ra’ or the IRA. however they will generally not actually give a **** about republican ideals such as a united ireland and will only say such things to give themselves street cred, apart from the odd riot whenever LOVEULSTER come to town, which i doubt they will again. (see love ulster riots). most of them will spend their days skinning up splifs and sniffing coke, drinking cheap lager such as dutch gold and bavaria, and drinking flagons of cheap cider to **** time until dole day. to feed there addictions, most will break into cars and rob houses. however many of Dublins ‘old school junkies’ will now have serious criminal records dating back to the early eighties and are involved in large drug deals and often very serious crime. you will be able to tell the difference between them and the new junkies and crackheads, by their age and dress.

Of course, there are some ******** areas in the southside of the city aswell, its just that grafton st, harcourt st. etc is generally safer and has a better normal person to skanger ratio. in general, it is better to avoid the northside altogether unless you really have to go there.

other areas to avoid are o’connell st.(at nighttime), henry st. (all the time) sean mcdermott st, north wall, north starnd, docklands, eastwall, abbey st., and clanbrassil st.  

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