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I lived in South London for 20 years before moving to the suburbs and then further away from London as time passed. I lived in council housing for a few years – The Arndale Estate in Wandsworth for those who know it – but now live in an Idyllic yet not a ‘Utopian’ city / town with the ocean just over the top right of my monitor as I look out for inspiration. Hint its not Southend!

As an ex-pat I regularly watch BBC / Sky news to keep in touch as I still have family and friends in the Uk and now feel ashamed of being British. The last time I remember feeling pride in 1977 when the Silver Jubilee meant street parties, in the early 80’s when the Falklands Taskforce returned, I felt robbed in 1990 when England were knocked out of The World Cup, and joy when they won The Ashes and Rugby World Cup. But now I look back at the country of my, my children’s birth feeling ashamed – areas where I once considered I would remain for life, I have watched as scum have moved in, multiplied, and turned once thriving and VERY neighbourly places into ‘No-GO Zones’. I have seen the elderly being ridculed and abused by so-called chavs, and yes I did get involved after all it was my job to !!! 

So how pissed off with the UK am I?? Well although purely ceromonial, I have done what I thought I would never do, I have not re-newed my passport. The British Passport a once mighty document, it opened doors (literally it was that sturdy), you only had to show the front of it to get into Britain after returning from overseas. I am currently without a passport – I am waiting on my Citizenship for my chosen country ! 

This year we have seen over 20 young people knifed to death in London alone, teenage pregnancy, drinking, smoking, and poor literacy skills at an all time high. Tv programmes – Catherine Tate’s bov’vered, Little Britains yeah but no but….make a joke out it but it like a cancer….its spreading not only within the Uk but now unfortunately to a place near where I live.
Its known locally as Little Britain not by the Brits !! There is a big store, chip shop, kids hang outside smoking and abusing passersby. They wear hoodies baseball caps, jeans, have s**t jewellery and for God knows why, many families from the UK seem to graviate towards it.

I actually heard the parent of one ‘local’ kid who put his hood up be told "Take yer hood off you look like a Pom !!"

A message for the UK – sort yourselves out……..its time to stand up and say "Enough is Enough!" reclaim the streets from the s**t. With regards to ‘here’ – I am doing my bit to reclaim the streets – trust me !!!

I do not want my kids to grow up in a place that tolerates Chavs….we moved our kids out of the UK for this very reason. I can guarentee that we will not have to put up with it here.

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