Tasmania, Australia

OK well you poor normal citizens of England aren‚Äôt the only ones suffering ūüôĀ Here in Tasmania there is a city of around 70,000 people called Launceston. The ***** here are called bogans or less often wiggers, or, to get another idea, look up ‚ÄėTasmanian Bogan‚Äô on urban dictionary. These burdens on society hang out in distictive areas, starting with the city centre, Brisbane St. Mall, and my god they are an eyesore to an otherwise nice landscape, they will be the first thing I garuntee you‚Äôll see apon entering the mall, wheather it‚Äôs¬†the smell or the sound emenating from their ape-like mouths that attract you, "oiii kent" "oi you gt a durry?" are 2 common phrases you‚Äôll hear from them, you glace at the direction from where that horrible language is coming and you see the congregation of hideous *****, in dada or fubu wear, and anywhere between 5 and 10 sizes too big for them, after staring at this unwashed mass you either get vertigo or you get abused, given the group is less than 6, but upto 10 or more and you might get followed and stabbed. Other than being general mouthy **** the ***** here are particularly violent, and close encounters and witnesses, as well as first hand stories have confirmed you have to be lucky walking home at night (in particular fri, sat and sun) because drinking ***** WILL inflict damage or in some cases death, apon innocents for no reason at all. This problem is ever rising, and they all share the same mentality as i‚Äôm sure they are all related and their parents are siblings, which also explains why(and I never usually jusge people on) thieir uglyness, jesusfuckme, they look like an insideout ********, with no exaggeration, and the abuse will start flying from then since they are able to walk, given their parents wonderful influences. If they aren‚Äôt in town you can hear stories from their grotesque friends about when they get out of Ashleys(youth detention) or the older ones in infamous Risdon prison. It never ends here and I‚Äôm at my limit about to take desperate mesures to clense the thorn in Launceston‚Äôs side.

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