Not far from croydon, in the wandle valley lies the not-so-peaceful town of carshalton. a ****** outrageous peaceful town/village/hideout/whatever ya want. Roaming Grounds for the local pondlife (*****/*********), who mostly come from school (Look for CHSG, CHSB, Stanley Park). Carshalton Park is a great place for the locals (****) to get together for a drink up or a punch up, depending wether some little 12 yr old kid has had more than 2 bottles of stella artois down his neck. Carshalton College is another “breeding” ground aswell. And alas, we come to the infamous “Circle”, at the top end near st.helier shithospital. The Locals ***** all hang outside either Favourite Chicken or Sparks, terrorising anyone who dares to come within 3 metres (range at which they can safely bottle someone) of them. My Opinion: Dont go to Carshalton.

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