Carrickfergus, an over spill of webslingers

Northern Ireland

Its been a few years since I left Carrick but I still travel back to see family and friends and f**k has that place went down hill ! Commercially it is a ghost town where upon entering you should put on The Specials record of the same name.  The town center is a s**t hole where all there is are cheap clothes shops and make up shops where Chavettes  can buy some agent orange make up and cake it over their f*****g ugly faces to make them into tango women.   14-18yr old Chavettes push hordes of kids in buggys that they have paid for with their child benifit ( me and your taxes ), sovereign rings sparkling with giant hoop ear rings which have been bought from Argos finest jewllers Elizabeth Duke, this along with a council face lift pony tail it just dont get any better in life……  Please dont forget the essential track suit bottoms with fat arse and gut hanging out the front with a hoody top and a feg hanging out of their mouths.  There these loyal Chavettes will make their way to such distinguished places as Wetherspoons were you can get sloshed for a tenner.  Up the street trying to double their dole money is  Carricks finest Chavs in the bookies, pen behind the ear, white trainers, trackie bottoms and a skin tight T-Shirt when its f*****g snowing or raining outside, what c***s!!

Down in the car park you have your slightly more up market Chav driving a 10year old Nova, Clio or some other s**t heap that they have some how managed to obtain a loan for.  With go faster stripes, a f*****g giant exhaust on it making it sound like a f*****g Formula 1 car and suspension lowered to a inch of the ground these really are stupid little c***s zooming round the car park like f*****g Lewis Hamilton.  The normal citizens of this once proud town have to put up with this s**t.

Carrick basically is now an over spill of web slingers ( Chav, spides ) from Belfast and Newtownabbey and is getting worse.  Try and walk home from a pub on a Saturday night taking a short cut through Shaftsberry Gardens and its like going on a f*****g unknown mission in Afganistan as there are web slingers in every bush with their chavettes drinking cider and vodka and waiting for some un suspecting punter to toodle past half pissed before he is jumped on.  As usual these little c***s are like Hyenas and only attack in groups NEVER one on one unless its against a OAP or a 8 yr old.

I could go on and give you more stories of this old town but it too depressing, still I suppose it still home !!!

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