canvey island!

you havent seen anything yet until you have been to canvey island in essex! a ******* **** on every corner giving abuse to every passer by throwing bricks and vandalising everything in sight! graffiti on every wall with every ‘gang’ name you can think of, a quick example of stupid ******* idiotic gang names including: MVD or ‘mad violence department’ FTL or ‘**** the law’. i have dubbed this place BERUIT! take a drive down ANY road on canvey and watch these ******* idiots give it the large trying to jump out in front of your car and watch in your rear view mirror as you pass them giving you everything possible to get you to stop just so that a million of the ******* ***** can come and try to kick the living **** out of you! i hate the ******* ******* and there is even groups being formed by decent people to try to out these *******! want anymore info about beruit then contact me, rude boy basher

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