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Buxton might be a touristy town famed for its spa water….But it is also boring,cold,rain lashed for most of the year..The sun rarely comes out.The council provide next to no leisure facilities..A refurbishment of the 1970s swimming pool has taken over 18 months to do..Guess what? It looks exactly the same as it did before! The Historic Crescent has been empty and derelict for over 15 yrs..To say things move slowly here is an understatement….The locals are narrow minded,and in the main seem not very intelligent :stare at anything,or anybody who is in any way slightly different…(DO NOT come here if you are black,gay,etc etc !),and seemed to like getting drunk and smashing windows on the market place on a saturday night.Although it purports itself as a cultural area,a lot of the work is provided by the quarries stone quarrying in the area,and associated jobs such as haulage.The town centre is like many others dying on its feet,and full of charity shops..It has a tiny indoor shopping precinct..And thats your lot really! I would say DONT BOTHER IF YOU ARE THINKING OF MOVING HERE!

By: anonymous

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