Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in West Midlands

Brierley Hill is famous all over the UK because it is home to the Merry Hill Shopping Centre which was built 20 years ago. Brierley Hill and Merry Hill are some of the chavviest places in the UK.

Chavs and chavettes are hanging round Merry Hill at all hours, shopping and eating out. There’s even a JD Wetherspoons pub that’s just opened at Merry Hill – the Abraham Darby. Wetherspoons have tried to make it look posh but the chavs will undoubtedly wreck it. The nearby multi storey car park is full of bodykitted cars owned by chavs.

At night chavs turn up at Merry Hill in modified cars and race eachother at high speed around the complex. Chavs hang around the UCI cinema which has fallen in popularity because there is now a showcase cinema about 4 miles away at Castlegate in Dudley.

Away from Merry Hill are many more chav hang outs in Brierley Hill town.

The 1980’s Megabowl complex near Brierley Hill High Street is a chav hang out where chavs and chavettes hang round smoking and getting drunk. When they can be bothered they sometimes challenge eachother to a bowling game. The car park of the Megabowl is hang out for chavs who are mostly still of primary school age.

The 1960’s Delph estate near Brierley Hill town centre is made up of about 20 low and high rise blocks of council flats where most people living there are chavs or chavettes. Hardly any of them work. They spend hours on end hanging around on the landings of the flats, smoking and taking drugs.
A few years ago some chavs set fire to a pile of abandoned furniture and the flames spread into a block of flats which very nearly collapsed.

Brierley Hill is quite chavvy but there are no real chav hang out apart from Merry Hill and Megabowl.

Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in West Midlands

Brierley Hill has got to be the chav center of the universe!
It is hard not to spot a Vauxhall nova wheel spinning or racing around the local shopping centre roads of Merry Hill, barely missing the old aged pensioners and this is just a Monday morning. The local KFC car park has been turned into what can only be described as a Vauxhall Nova Dealership, and is best avoided by the hungry passer by, for fear of their own safety e.g. being mugged, beaten up or vomited upon by the p***y’s.
The local high street is a good place to spot the more mature chav as they frequent the local pub ‘The Turks head’ as it is in easy walking distance of the local pizza parlors and a five minute walk to Brierley Hill flats where this class of scum live and breed like sewer rats.
It should also be noted that many a chav will stray into the local nightspot of the ‘Waterfront’ to mingle with the normal people. Here they show off there skills at picking a fight with the biggest bouncer they can find, often popping open the fake Armani shirt to show off their emancipated figure, to strike fear into the heart of said bouncers, before fleeing with a bloody nose.
On a Saturday afternoon after a hard nights drinking and fighting the chav “female” can be spotted dragging their eight kids (six different Dad’s – CSA reports pending on the youngest two) around with the hung over skinny chav boyfriend, usually shopping in the local boutique ‘Brierley Hill Market’ for the latest chav designs along with the weeks groceries consisting of 400 cigarettes, numerous bags of cheap crisps for the kids and the ultimate hangover cure of a big bag of hairy pork scratching.
The more up market chav can often be found in Brierley Hills flag ship store of ‘Poundland’ where £5 will easily buy the xmas presents for their mom, wife and kids/step kids (note: I have omitted the fact that they buy their dad a gift as he ran off when they where 5 with their mom’s sister)
Brierley Hill can be best be summed up by the local arms store selling the latest ‘Burberry Flak jackets & body armour, along with the latest weapons, including ground to air missiles, displayed in the window, for the more aspiring chav.