Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in North East, United Kingdom, Yorkshire

BRADLEY if you should accidently get lost on your way out of mirfield and into huddersfield this is where you will end up! Bradley is the armpit of west yorkshire playing home to people of many ehtnic origins but predomintantly blacks! The rows and rows of grey pebble dashed houses have made the place -due to its coloured inhabitants- a concrete jungle! Should you be lucky enough to find you self here in preperation for the army of young hooligans that will approach you and demand your "fone, keys, dolla(money) and anything else the slightest bit valuable!Note: these planks will take your keys regardless of wether you live any where near or not. The young chavs in Bradley off the notorious keldregate estate spend their days ‘bustin moves and choons’ ‘mugging old ladies’ i kid u not ‘holding up buses with pocket knifes’ and if that gets boring they will wander through to the neighbouring shite holes ie.deighton,fartown ‘pronounced FARR-OWN’, dalton or sum wher equally as run down with screaming banshees of mothers, useless dead legs drug dealin fathers and piss ridden kids complete with skin heads n chipped teeth. The young chavs are easy to spot with their trackies, tns (shoes),i kid you not bling bling and rusty sovreigns, walkin round like they’ve s**t them selfs with one glove on. And as for the girls their the ones with faces like smacked arses and a croyden face lift pony tail or the most recent ‘scruffy bun’ a good look unless u actualy are scruffy; when their not being taken up the arse in the back of a ford cortina they are either dolled up to the eyeballs with fake tan, cheap make, up as much fake gold as gravity will allow and sporting the latest vinyl mini-dress from mischeif or missB or another little squalor of a shop in ‘TOWN’ complimented by a giant pair of slag wellies (leather knee boots with chunky heels that are 4 inches)! Or alternately the butcher of the girls will dress just like boys but with a thong hangin just underneath thier shoulder blades they can be seen continually beating the crap out of any half good looking girl they see and stealing ‘twocin’ eye brows peircing hoops from claires accessories (the kingdom hall for scruffy little bitches) with a ‘side pony’ protruding from one side of the little tarts heads. These pratts can be heard using phrases such as ‘yow waat up boooiii’ ‘peng-a-leng’ ‘eazzeee b’ ‘fo shizzle my nizzle’ ‘yow fukin runnin yow mouf off yowz gone get beats’ ‘thats heavies’ and hundreds of other twat like words un-used by normal people. Hobbies in bradley consist of getting ‘pissed up’ ‘stoned and charged’ ‘angin raaarnd the bus stops’ ‘trekkin’ (walkin round terrifying old ladies and young childeren) and many other idiotic pass times untill they are old enough to do as their idols do eg. mother father milkman 50 cent etc. and trapse round with 8 kids of different colours screamin "do as ya fackin told or u aitn havin food for a week u scratty little s**t" or ‘bonin’ fifteen year olds in alleys. So in short if you like your car windows, teeth, kneecaps etc. where they are avoid this s**t hole like you would a p**i with leprosy ! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!