Huddersfield, such a brilliant place to live!

Huddersfield, a rough, boring, ******, **** hole. All the following applies to West Yorkshire as a whole. It’s ****. West Yorkshire sucks. I’ll be moving to North Yorkshire shortly. I’ll be giving you a brief overview of what it’s like to live here and what each area is like. I’ve lived here for 13 years and watched it get worse, and worse and worse. Every street in the town has a group of ****’s in their cheap nike track suits. The retail in Huddersfield is even worse. There’s nothing but pound shops and a few coffee shops. It’s polluted, unclean and full of idiots. It’s a horrible place to live. I’m so glad I have an opportunity to move to a nice place. North Yorkshire is a great place. I’ll be moving to the Selby area. It has a few scallies here and there, but overall it’s a nicer place.

Let’s start with Almondbury. I currently live in this **** ******** **** hole. The park is full of idiots trying to start a fight. They’re always with their little mates because they can’t fight alone. They follow you home, try to rob your house or deface it. It’s horrible. I live in the ‘nicer’ sector, right by the **** zone. I’ll be moving soon. Truly awful place to live. So many gangs. Knife crime, gun crime, anti social behavior, robbery and vandalism is the most common. Oh! Don’t forget arson. The same applies for Waterloo, Dalton, Kirkheaton (Some), Fartown, Birkby, Lowerhouses, Sheepridge, Skelmanthorpe, Scissett, Crossland Moor and don’t forget Paddock area.

The mediocre areas, Fenay Bridge, Bradley, South Crossland,Holmfirth, Lepton,Grange Moor,Honley, Salendine Nook, Linthwaite, Slaithwaite, Shelley, Kirkburton, Thongsbridge, Marsden, Meltham and a few others are lower in ***** in parts or walking around. I do warn you, Meltham is the worst of these.

The nice areas, Farnly Tyas, Denby Dale, Upperthong and a few other places are the only nice bits. Wow! These places are lower on ***** and are quieter. You get an odd ****, but not a lot. I still suggest you don’t live in Huddersfield in general. It’s ****.

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