Winson Green, Birmingham: it was a BIG mistake moving there, it’s a major hole!

Living in Winson Green, Birmingham

Me and my girlfriend moved to Birmingham about 6 months ago after I finished my Degree in Stoke University. I have to admit, little research was done on my part regarding nice places to live and we just went for somewhere near town that was relatively cheap. BIG MISTAKE!

The day we moved in we witnessed 2 cars swapping bags through the windows, something told me they weren’t gummy bears. This was in broad daylight, people just stood around on the street, they all knew what was going on. Only when we moved in were we told that Winson Green prison was within walking distance from the house, just around the corner in fact! Oh joy!

Walking around the street was a no-no pretty much any time of day or night, no matter if it was lunch time or midnight there was always some skinny crack filled creature lurking around outside their house talking about how they are pissed off with “Jamal, cos he aint got me no weed this week”. We were the only white couple in the street, which is no problem for me personally, but it did seem to be for everyone else, any time I walked past a group of guys I would either be stared at, “oi’ed” at or sometimes followed. My girlfriend, being the sexy, busty blonde that she is, could not walk down the street without being asked if “they’d met before”, constant car horn beeps and the most filthy old men trying to persuade her to relieve them of their sexual desires.

How grim is your Postcode?

Cars used to drive along the speed bump stricken road at 50mph, always some boy racer or some drug user trying to make a hasty getaway as the police rolled past checking for transactions. Not long before we decided to leave, a speeding car somehow managed to lose control, drive into the front of a house and flip upside down into the centre of the street. The driver was ****** and the entire front of the house destroyed. The night was filled with police skid testing, youngsters playing with broken house pieces etc. Funnily enough all of the usual street dwellers had scrurried away into their houses.

In the 5/6 months I lived there I remember seeing about 20 different incidents of drug dealing. Either outside of a house or 2 cars parked alongside each other. One night after returning from a trip to Star City I literally had to wait for 2 guys to exchange drugs and money as they were blocking both lanes of the road.

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Anyway, Winson Green is major ****. Steer well clear unless you like the attention of dirty old men, you have a crack addiction or enjoy the odd near death driving experience.