South East

entire area of oxford which is one council estate

everyone you meet here is in a large posse, the whole lot acting hard.
Of course there are exceptions to the rule but the only time you see them out doors is when they are not in barton,
Yup this is one place where the only place you can listen to iron maiden without getting beaten up is through the speakers of a car thats traveling faster than the twats can run (about 2mph).

let me give you some examples of things which have happened there.

1, my friend was with his girlfriend who lives there and in the shop some little **** started on him because he wouldnt let him go to the checkout first, when they got back to the house everything was peacfull, by the time his mum arrived to take him home 5 mins later every townie in barton was aproaching the front door. (picture all the zombies outside the mall in dawn of the dead, replace them with townies holding baseball bats and you will have some idea of what it looked like)

How grim is your Postcode?

2, me and some mates drove through listening to iron maiden. just outside of the place we stopped and before I had even opened the door 2 chavmobiles full of ***** shouting abuse came up the hill behind us. They may not have been after us but we didnt wait to find out.

3, some bloke I met at college was telling me how some 10 year olf walked up to him and said, “ok youve pissed me off, just stand there I am going to beet you up ok”.

this is one estate full of people who think they are the hardest people in oxford. in fact these are the people I talk about in my review about “wheatley”, a place that used to be a nice place to live until most of the twats in barton got expelled and sent to our school.

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