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Barking is a sidekick of Dagenham.. where young chavs learn to ply their trade.

It’s a s**t hole, with many chavs not speaking english and being illegal immigrants. They have brilliant phones and ‘nice’ clothes because they’ve nicked em.

Barking falls between East Ham, Ilford and Dagenham which are chav hotspots. They come to Barking for fun.. which as far as anybody can see is pulling crappy wheelies on their peds, being chased by the police, drinking ‘hardcore’ bottles of WKD of J2O in the street and smashing the glass, whilst all the while standing outside the corner shop pretending to smoke and spitting on the floor.
Gee… fun. And when theyre having a really good time when you pass one in the street they’ll barge into your shoulder. Thanks for that, now i won’t shout abuse back at you because if i do you’ll s**t me up, call me a “Knob Mushroom”, stab me up, get the romford lot on me or worse and i quote “pour boiling hot tea over me”.

Why… Why?

Dont come to Barking, avoid the bandstand in the town centre, the market, the green at Faircross and Faircross in general… Dont got near Barking Abbey School because you will either be barged into, end up smelling like some big ethnic person’s B.O.. or a curry. And for god’s sake dont go in mayesbrook park, its full of geese s**t, and chavs on quad bikes/monkey bikes/pedal bikes… which are all stolen or pink coloured coz they’ve borrowed them off their little sister which is probably their auntie too… its a bit like basildon where theyre eyes are a bit too close together..

You’ve been warned

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