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Well I came across this site and could not believe that Addlestone is not featured more ! Therefore I wish to really put Addlestone on the map.

Addlestone town centre consists of one main street, if you want to shop in Addlestone forget it, it has more fast food outlets than any other town I know, not corporate brands might you such as McD’s or Burger King, stinking curry houses and chinese, burger places the list goes on. The ideal diet in Chav land Addlestone, Addlestone has the largest Post Office anywhere, this is to support the 90% of people picking up their Housing/Child and all the other benefits they suck out of the Tax payer.

You walk through Addlestone and they are everywhere, Tracksuit bottoms, Trainers (white) with no socks, little anklets on, Tattoos of course, earrings that small dogs could jump through, and Elizabeth Duke jewellery glinting in the sun (take sun glasses to avoid being blinded by some of the worlds largest Soverign rings)

Teenagers with kids are everywhere!! The babies, dressed in pink and called Britney, or Courtney or Tennants Super !

Tesco the chav supermarket moved into Addlestone after it reliased the potential of selling more Value products than ever !! There is an Iceland in Addlestone further proof if needed that this s**t hole with its disgusting council estate that has a very large Police station in the middle of it, is a truly chav town, nicknamed by me “PikeyVille”

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

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I cant believe this wretched excuse for a town has never been mentioned on here. Truly this stinking shitheap of a place is the very arsehole of Surrey. I cant believe I lived in the place for 10 years. Chertsey. Woking, Walton etc all have their fair share of low life chav scum but Addlestone beats them all hands down. Main chav gathering places are The Holly Tree which continued with karaoke long after the joke had worn thin. I remember many occasions in the summer walking past there with the windows and doors open whilst some hideously pissed chavette screeched out like a virgin by maddona. Surely George Best would go tee total than have to endure that for a pint. The irony of finding a chavette virgin in Addlestone totally lost on the blank faced morons. Addlestone chevettes have only 2 main goals in life 1) get pregnant 2) get council flat. The sooner they can get Addlestone chavboys seed in them the sooner they can sit around getting fatter watching Trisha. Also the pinnacle of Surrey chav pubs, The Crouch Oak. This place is a total chav magnet. all getting pissed on overpriced lager listening to s**t dance music. I watched the 2 bouncers kick some pissed up chavscum out late one night only to visit the gents 5 minutes later to see the cretin trying to get in the toilet window!
Driving through the place now is even depressing even though its changed quite a bit. If they rebuit the whole town tommorow I fear its too late for Addlestone. Chavscum have long since taken control.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018