Accrington (Accy or Akki)

Just thought I’d make a contribution now to the Accrington story.

Recently they opened up the Accrington Superbowl. A great stroke of wisdom was that they latched the local 4-screen cinema onto the bowling alley, just besides the drive through McDonalds. The bowling/cinema complex is ran by a small number of college children from the area who like nothing better then to text their friends while they work. So this makes the complex a **** heaven without any authority at all and where underage drinking is rife. I have witnessed some pasty skinny **** try bowling passers by in the cinema section using the lightest bowl possible (6lb). I was unsure whether to laugh to knock the living daylights out of him, as his pathetic attempt did nothing more than irritate my leg not knocking me off balance. I decided to laugh at him as the little twerp fled the scene to the security of his 12 man crew of likewise skinny ***** and one ‘blinged up’ ********, looking like a boy too. All this is just outside the town centre which seems like a great idea to get rid of all the ****’s from the town centre as the McDonalds, KFC, Netto, Aldi and so on are all just outside the main shopping centre. Shame it didn’t work.

Ever since the destruction of the old outside market and the construction of the new, locked up market, the new stalls have attracted a number of **** friendly stores. Considering this is a small town, is there really any need for 2 separate pound shops? As well as a Wilkinsons? Couple this with the inclusion of the seasonal rides during the summer and Christmas periods. I have seen (on a school day) two equally moronic **** children with a puppy. Now they decided that they wanted to ride on the hastily constructed dodgems. Wanting to cause as much damage to each other as possible they decided to take the dog on the ride with them. So while continuing to crash head on into each other, this poor animal was visibly trembling, not that they cared.

How grim is your Postcode?

For those **** on the sole of this old mill town there is only one hip cool (in a ***** view) to consume alcoholic beverages (well, actual licensed place to drink, there are amply parks, playgrounds and car parks for the underage) and that would be Baileys (what replaced the old Toymaster shop some years ago). The drinks promotions attract all manner of **** from the ******** ******* onto the arm of some skinny little Burberry wearing git trying to coax him into a fight against someone bigger than him (usually the bouncers) or the usual drunk crowd shouting abuse at anyone not in the prison white Reebok classics, some bad trouser and a checked shirt that has some resemblance to Burberry, along with the Burberry cap.

Ah the joys of the small town, watch your step however as there can be wet blood on the streets

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