Newry – South Armagh/Down Scum Magnet

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Newry…Located halfway between Dublin and Belfast is the central hive to two particular types of chav scum…the Skeet, a common street urchin and the Culchie, a wannabe GAA (Gaelic Athletic Accociation) s**t head who’s idea of a pimped ride is their fathers Ferguson Tractor. Being nessled in so called Bandit Country both particular types of… Read more »

Stevenage – Chav Mecca

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Stevenage. Even the name has chav undertones. As one of the major definitive chav breeding grounds in the UK, chavs have populated this part of the land far longer than most, due to the New Town and the surrounding suburbs (grotty council estates is a more accurate description) was primarily built to house poor working-class… Read more »