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Ok this isnt just an account of a bad night out or something I saw when i went somewhere, this is practically how Ive grown up and some snapshots of a few events.It is something for all you anti-**** people to think about as many of you have not had to deal with certain pressures and events. God knows how Im at university!!
 Here are certain things that have happened whilst I was growing up in Leigh.
Age 8 I had my first spliff and fag, at the time I didnt know any better, it was given to me by someone older than me.
Basically, I have been exposed to all types of drugs since that age and taking them was not a matter of if, but when. Leigh is a full on **** town. If you go out there at night, most of the people are 16 because the older people go elsewhere. This new years eve said it all when I went out after returning from my Erasmus placement, and all the nightclubs were empty. And with the few people out, I still managed to see a brawl which took a good few policemen to stop. A few years ago some men got refused from the main club, so they returned later with a load of weapons, beat up the doormen, who had actually brought reinforcements that night, left one in intensive care who I think later died, they then smashed up the bars and the windows in the club before leaving. Outside the nightclub you will always see 14 year olds drinking cider and shouting abuse at people.When I was 15 there was a gang that used to pick on drunken men as they knew they would win.  They would shout abuse at him, wait for a reaction, then 10-20 of them would K.O the man and jump on his head till they get bored, it happened all the time. Once I was on the park drinking my cider when I saw a lad on the floor, with about 7 lads queing up behind him.They were actually taking it in turns to jump on his head off a wheelie bin. If the police asked you any questions you cant say anything otherwise you’d get it aswell.
I think nearly all of my mates have taken class A drugs including myself and its not because of who we are, its where we are from, its a lifestyle thats hard to get out of when all the people you’ve grown up with do it. My change was when I went to university and I wasnt in contact with any drug takers, so i didnt either. My mates say that we are “posh scallies” simply because we are from Leigh but we are educated.  We have endured a **** lifestlye which is mainly drug taking and fighting which has sent some of us off the rails a bit and for the less educated it becomes harder to deal with. One example would be a guy who was in my year at school committed suicide after coming out of prison because he still had a debt due to drugs.  Luckily all my mates have come out clean (up to now) one nearly died after taking too much ghb. It is a strange place really, its only when I went to university and came back that I realised how odd my town really is as in my younger days I used to think it was normal. I have more serious stories to tell but they are about people closer to me and I dont want to broadcast some things on the internet.
I could write these kind of stories forever, but Id like to know some statistics such as the percentage of people from Leigh that go into higher education, the percentage of divorces, the percentage of unemployment and teenage pregnancies as I have read one year that we had the highest teenage pregancy rate and the higher fold estate had the highest divorce rate in the UK, maybe the webmaster could help me find out?? Leigh is also the hometown of Sara Cox btw, she went to my school too i think.

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