“you don’t agree with me, so i’m gonna smash your face in” (Norwich)

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now i happen to like the city very much that im about to talk about but it,like many other places has a bunch of tosspots that will have  apop for no reason,the city in question is Norwich but i do have to say again that i like the place loads…….

it was a Saturday night in norwich,my friends band were playing a gig so me and a mate went along,the band are lovely and i love there sound so me and my mate really enjoyed there set,the place in question was an ok establishment,you know nothing to great but not that many ***** and more of an alternative kinda crowd,but there are exceptions to the rule,there always is.
now i saw the **** in question as soon as i got in there,his girlfriend was a ***** that had hardly any clothes on and at every opportunity would shake her **** like she was an angelic princess when everyone in that room knew she was a dirty ****(even her man i hasten to say,***** like him dont have brains,they want sewer rat whores that suck for breakfast,lunch,and tea)either way there he was,the **** that he was in all its glory,typical ****,skin tight muscle top,some kind of tracksuit bottom and an attitude to boot,im bet if you lifted his shirt up he would of had a cross tattooed on his arm or even better,some barbed wire tattooed around his arm,oh pammy,see what you have done!anyhow,he was the type of bloke that you didnt feel comfy around,like if you look at him he will come stove your face in…a nice looking chap all round would you say?

the band played there set,they were good as they always are and after there set we all kinda got together and had a drink before packing up and going back home,during this time i went to the toilet….guess who walks in bout 30secs after Ive gone,our friendly neighbourhood **** **** that wants trouble in all its form…the conversation went like this

How grim is your Postcode?

**** ****-“what did you think of that band?”

me-“oh i really like the brownies there a great band”

c.c-“well i thought they were ******* ****”

me-(and there was no attitude what so ever in me saying this,i was out with my friends for a laugh not a fight and this bloke was really quite big,i didnt want any trouble)…..”well opinions vary”

at this comment he pushed me up against the wall,pulled back his big meaty clump of bones we call a hand and would of twatted me if his mate had pulled him off saying “woo hoo”…what a ******* tosspot,i mean in a day and age where free speech is sort of ok, for me to say i liked the band when he didnt and then almost get a smashing for it kinda makes you think even less of these low life ***** even more

i know 2 things….

1…that some poor sod probably got a slap of that meathead on Saturday night because he was clearly in the mood for hitting someone,would of probably been someone who said he prefers Ben Sherman to burberry and who would of probably been smaller than him or just clearly not going to fight back…poor sod whoever you were!

2.that **** will get his comeuppance one day….

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